I love helping people and spreading happiness

Melody, over the past 30 years has enjoyed helping people

increase their happiness by becoming aware and conscious of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions which in turn helps eliminate modern-day epidemic of stress, anxiety, etc. from the nervous system, these years have become a truly transformational journey.

Also, a mother of three daughters, a grandmother of two boys, and a passionate lover of personal growth and development, from becoming an NLP Master Coach, Time Line Therapist, Transformational Life Coach, Hypnosis Teacher /Trainer, Rebirther, Reiki Master, and Meditation Teacher/Trainer, Tibetan Singing Bowl Teacher, Sound Healer Teacher.

Melody is situated on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia.

This constant search eventually ended up at a Sound Healer Teacher and Meditation Teacher and Melody says I am so very blessed and humbled to have the karma which opened me to this gift. Sound Healing and Meditation has brought so much joy, creativity, love, laughter, and peace to my life.

Melody says the benefits I have received have allowed me to respond to life rather than react. The pleaser, peacekeper is no longer running the show.

We all experience uncertainties, losses, all sorts of situations can arise, knowing how to respond is the greatest transformational tool we can acquire in our modern world

A transformational journey with more love, more peace, more creativity, and joy can happen in a heartbeat, all is required the willingness and commitment to transform with ease, joy, and gratitude. I would love to share my proven learnings with you which have helped people all over the world.

Energy Healer Melody Bass is located at beautiful Burleigh on the Gold Coast, Qld, Australia, Melody is known as an Energy Alchemist, offering individual healing sessions, and Courses. Melody presents a variety of workshops to assist you in transforming your life.

Melody is described by her many clients and students as an extraordinary, caring, loving, compassionate being with a warm, passionate, spontaneous, jovial humor, always enthusiastic, encouraging, inspiring, and infectiously motivating, encouraging, expanding and exploring new levels of concentration, clarity and awareness.

Melody’s personal mission is to continually connect with you individually, to help you develop and expand your talents and abilities, to make better choices, to find your life’s purpose, and to live a more fulfilling balanced life with integrity, generosity of spirit, purity of intent and an open mind.