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Difference between Meditation and Concentration

Many people are of the notion that mediation is nothing but concentration. The fact is that practicing meditation allows one to know the self, while concentration simply focuses on an
external/internal object. Put another way, concentration allows one to know what is under a microscope of focus, whereas meditation allows one to fully understand one’s own life, and how it fits into the cosmic tapestry.
• Concentration is dual while meditation is singular.
• One who meditates experiences the all-pervading Consciousness which connects all living things,
while concentration simply focuses on one aspect of reality.
• Meditation is experiencing the beyond – from all the boundaries.
• Concentration makes the person tired after some time, but meditation does not.
• Concentration requires rest for the mind and body, but meditation is oneness, merging with the Consciousness and there is no mind at all!
• Meditation is beyond time, place, etc. It is complete from all dimensions bringing relaxation for the mind, body and soul.
• While concentration is a forced action, meditation happens naturally. It is realizing the being, one’s own being.
• Meditation is just the present, beyond all the pasts and all future. In meditation, it is just the happening, witnessing the happening naturally.
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